Cerovac Caves Taxi transport

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The Cerovac Caves are located on the hillside of southern Velebit, on the northeastern slope of the Crnopac hill, in the protected area of ​​the Velebit Nature Park. The nearest town is Gračac, 4 km away.

The Lower and Upper Cerovačka caves are open for tourist visits, each approx. 700 m in length. The tour of one cave lasts approx. 1.5 hours, with 50 minutes in the cave itself. The tour of both caves takes about 3 hours, you spend 50 minutes in each cave, the rest of the time is spent walking from the center to the caves and back. The cave is visited with a guide (the guide is included in the ticket price).

The center of excellence of the Cerovačka špilje with parking is located at 553 m/asl, from where you can easily walk along the footpath in about 15 minutes to the Donja spilje located at 624 m/asl. In an additional 10 minutes of walking along the footpath, you can reach Gornja spilje, which is located at 671 meters above sea level.

The average temperature in the caves is about 7 ºC. This is precisely why it is necessary to have warm, layered clothes for visiting the caves – all year round, as well as sports shoes.

Cerovac Caves Taxi transport
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