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The Plitvice Lakes complex was declared a national park on April 8, 1949. It is the largest, oldest and most visited Croatian national park. It represents a wooded mountain region where there are 16 lakes of different sizes, filled with crystal blue-green color.

The lakes get their water from numerous rivers and streams, and are connected to each other by cascades and waterfalls.

Travertine barriers, which were created over a period of ten thousand years, are one of the fundamental features of the Park. The special geographical location and specific climatic features have contributed to the emergence of many natural phenomena and rich biological diversity.

Travertine sediments were formed from the Pleistocene to the present day in sinkholes and depressions between the surrounding mountains. The upper lakes in the south are predominantly made of dolomite, and the lower lakes in the north are made of limestone rocks.

The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and largest national park of the Republic of Croatia. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers, so it was declared the first national park in Croatia on April 8, 1949. The process of sedimentation, which forms travertine barriers and creates lakes, represents a unique universal value for which the Plitvice Lakes received international recognition on October 26, 1979, by being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Find out more We wish you a pleasant stay in the Plitvice Lakes National Park!

We offer a taxi service from all locations to the Plitvice Lakes, from Novalja, Zadar, Vir, Zrce, Split.

Plitvice Lakes taxi transport
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