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Taxi transport Vir offers taxi transport services in the entire area of Zadar and taxi transport from Zadar airport.

Zadar developed in a favorable position in the center of the Croatian part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, protected by a series of Zadar islands from the influence of the open sea, which was of great importance in the period of the predominance of sailing maritime traffic.

The inland coastline is made up of the vast flat area of ​​Ravni Kotar, which enables it to expand unhindered, which is what makes it different from most other coastal cities in Croatia.

The coastal area is morphologically separated by the Velebit massif, but also connected to Lika and the continental parts of Croatia, which has recently been valued by the construction of the modern highway, ie the Sveti Rok tunnel.

Taxi transport Zadar
Since the Zadar airport is 8 km from the city center, the best option to get to the city from the airport is a taxi transfer. We offer taxi transfer services from Zadar airport not only to Zadar, but also to other destinations. From the airport, we offer taxi transfer services for Zrće and festivals there, spring break 2019 festivals, Outlook festival, Hideout festival, Sea Star festival, Garden festivals in Tisno, transfers to Krka waterfalls, taxi transfers to Plitvice lakes.

You can contact us from any location, we will organize the most convenient taxi transfer according to your wishes. We offer taxi transfers for all sizes of groups, from individuals to large organized groups. If you have any additional questions regarding reservations, prices, duration of rides or anything related to taxi transfers, feel free to contact us via the contact form, email or Whatsapp. Considering the size of the groups, we offer you the best, most affordable, and most reliable taxi transfers for any desired location.


taxi transport Zadar
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